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PhotoRuler Manual for Ver. 1.0.0

by Seishi Onishi

0). Introduction

This software is originally designed for mycologists who measure the size of spores and cystidia on microscope digital images. Now, it can also be used for any length measurements on digital images or anything on the display like video as far as the reference length can be taken.Since the VisualStudio C# 2008 Express Edition is used for the development, .NET Framework 2.0 may need to be introduced to run the PhotoRuler.
The .NET Framework 2.0 download site is the follwing:

Any bug reports, comments or suggestions are very welcome. Please email to
I hope you enjoy using the PhotoRuler. ;-)

1).  How to set ruler reference length

a. Drag&drop the photo of a micrometer and zooming to appropriate size to measure using page up/page down key or mouse wheel.

b. Set ‘Measurement Mode’ to ‘Line’ in [Configure]->[Measure Mode] menu.

c. Click the start point of the reference length.

d. Click the end point of the reference length.

e. Continue step c. and d. to get the averaged reference value.

f. Select [Configure]->[Set Reference] to set the reference pixels.

g. Set the number of the actual length of the reference in the "Length" text box.

h. Select [Edit]->[Clear] to delete all of the measured values for the reference length.

2). How to measure the size

a. Set the ruler reference length. Refer 1).

b. Drag and drop the target photo file or set Opacity to make visible the background.

c. Set the [Configure]->[Columns]->[Number of Cols]. If you need pair values like Length and Width, set it to two.

d. Choose the measurement mode. Refer 8).

e. Zoom in until the target photo beome the appropriate size. Refer 9).

f.  Click the start point and end point to measure.

g. When you fail to click the right point, push the ESC key.

h. Right mouse click toggles the whole display mode and zooming mode.

i. To measure the polygonal line length, use double click at the intermidiate points.

j.   Continue f, g, h, i steps.

3). Copy the measurement data

  [Edit]->[Copy] menu : copy the data into the clipboard and past it to your application like Excel.

4). Delete the data

a. Select the data to delete then push ‘Delete’ button.

b. To delete all the data, push ‘Clear’ button.

c. Esc/Delete key deletes the latest measured data.

5). Set the decimal place for output data

   [Configure]->[Columns]->[Decimal Places] : Select the number of the decimal places.

6). Load/Save the settings

Load/Save Settings are in File menu.
All the settings (except the measured length data) can be saved into the file and you can skip the step 1) by loading it from the saved file.

7).Line Settings [Configure]->[Lines] menu

a. Line Draw : Toggle line drawing.

b. Line Color : Set the line color.

c. Line Number : Toggle the line numbering

8).Measurement Mode [Configure]->[Measure Mode] menu

Free Line :     Free line mode.

Orghogonal :   Mode to measure pairs of orthogonal lines.

Rectangle :     Mode to measure rectangular height and width.


 Use PgUp/PgDwn key or Mouse wheel.
 Zooming rate: 10% to 1000% or upto 6400 pixels width
 Each right mouse click toggles the zooming mode and fitting display mode.

10).Opacity [Configure]->[Opacity]

 Change the Opacity rate of the PhotoRuler form.
 By using this feature, the length can be measured on any source like video as long as it is displayed by the PC.